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Customized assessment programming, tools, and resources for institutions of higher education.

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Take Your Institution 
to the Next Level

You will receive a customized analysis of your institution’s need for assessment, improvement, and accreditation compliance, followed by tailored strategies and solution-based deliverables to build or enhance the assessment program, and overall effectiveness, of your campus.


We will conduct and present a pre-evaluation of the current state of institutional affairs and offer detailed recommendations for meeting compliance. We will bridge the gap between your institution and your accrediting body.

Tangible Assessment Primer

Your campus members will learn, develop, and enhance their skills while engaging in useful assessment practices for improvement.

Custom-Built Data Collection System

By using products your campus already has, we will build a custom system to collect data and formulate action. We will also train your employees to maintain the system over time.

Professional Development & Training

Designed to your specification, we can provide workshops and keynote speaking engagements remotely, or in-person. Review a list of workshops we have conducted in the past.



Our Experts Are Career Educators

Dr. Monica Liddle and Dr. Katie McGowan have 35+ years of collective experience in higher education, building robust assessment programs and cultures. We play off each others strengths and areas of improvement while helping you grow.


We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your institution through action-focused conversation. Then, we get right down to business building you what you need with an unparalleled work ethic and camaraderie.



"I just wanted to personally commend you on what you accomplished with the Middle States situation. I have worked in many different types of organizations large and small over the years, and I don’t think I have ever seen true improvement and change be implemented as effectively and as quickly as what I saw at the College this winter/spring.  As incredibly painful as it was, you accomplished something in months that normally would have taken us years, and the College is legitimately better as a result. It was much more than just a superficial fix.  I also believe the exercise you walked us through is what enabled us to have such effective strategy sessions through the rest of the spring, because everyone had done such an in-depth self-review of our respective programs just a few months beforehand. So, congratulations again. Your leadership was invaluable."

Joellen Meckley, JD, MHS
Executive Director, Center for Special Needs, Executive Office
The American College




Let’s Work Together

Katie: 607-237-3094

Monica: 607-643-8131

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