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Our services
and process

improvED offers customized analysis of your institution’s need for assessment, improvement, and accreditation compliance, followed by tailored strategies and solution-based deliverables to build or enhance the assessment program, and overall effectiveness, of your campus.

A team of career educators will partner with you to build a culture of evidence and data-informed decision making that will contribute to the continual improvement of your institutional mission and goals... and ultimately the student experience.

Through our process, we will provide:

  • Pre-evaluation of the current state of institutional affairs and offer detailed recommendations for meeting compliance. We will bridge the gap between your institution and your accrediting body.

  • A Tangible Assessment Primer that will enable your campus members to learn, develop, and enhance their skills while engaging in useful assessment practices for improvement.

  • A Custom-Built Data Collection System, built using products your campus already has, will be used to formulate action. Your employees will be trained to maintain the system over time.

  • Professional Development and Training designed to your specification. We can provide workshops and keynote speaking engagements remotely or in-person. Review a list of workshops we have conducted in the past.

why it works

  • Colleges and universities are unique.  There are not “one size fits all” solutions to effectiveness and assessment work.  Given our collective 35+ years of experience working in higher education, we can quickly uncover solutions to what your college or university needs to improve.  We will then tailor our recommended strategy to you.

  • We are honest, transparent, communicative, and reliable.  We are the real deal.  And that's a promise.

  • We make assessment simple and useful; no one has time to waste.

  • Our job isn’t done until action is in motion on your campus.

  • We are built on the premise of partnership - together, we can get there better and quicker.

who we work with

  • Institutions of Higher Education

  • Programs within Institutions of Higher Education

  • Organizations committed to Continued Improvement

what is the cost

  • We will engage in discussion with you to determine your needs and your budget.

  • We aim to be the best price in the market!  For example, if we build you a self-sustaining data collection system, you can say goodbye to annual contracts and fees.

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