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Sample work

This listing details sample workshops, presentations, and other resources previously offered by Monica and Katie. Browse this list for ideas and inspiration, and we will build tools like this to suit your institution's individual needs.

Sample Workshops

  • Orientation to Assessment
  • Academic Assessment

  • Non-Classroom / Operational Assessment

  • Building a Culture of Assessment

  • Strategic Planning

  • The ILO (Institutional Learning Outcomes) Assessment Process. Ensuring our Graduates are Well-Prepared.

  • Envisioning the Prepared Graduate

  • Measures, Benchmarks, Results, Oh My!

  • Designing Rubrics

  • Writing and Utilizing Surveys for Assessment

  • Syllabus Development

  • Creating Worthwhile Action from Assessment

  • Equity in Assessment

  • Classroom Assessment Techniques

  • Writing Measurable Outcomes

  • Promising Practices in Effective Teaching and Assessment

  • Creative Assessment Tools

  • Evaluating and Assessing in the Virtual Environment, New Practices & Managing Expectations

  • Seeing Assessment and Budget More Clearly

  • Closing the Loop and Utilizing Data for Improvement

Sample Presentations

  • YOU are an Assessment Person! (Cayuga Community College)
  • Assessment in Action (The American College of Financial Services)
  • Being Present…Without being Present. Instructor Interaction in an OnlineEnvironment (The American College of Financial Services)
  • Day Kick-offs (SUNY Delhi)
  • Building an Assessment System for Academic and Administrative Units, and an Institutional Assessment Culture (Brown Bag Lunch Discussion, SUNY AIRPO)

Sample Resources

  • Custom-Built Data Collection System

  • Assessment Primer, Sample Table of Contents

    • The Big Picture

      • What is Assessment

      • The Assessment Cycle

      • The Curriculum Map

      • Program Review

      • The Strategic Plan & Institutional Learning Outcomes

      • Terms & Definitions

      • Learning Outcome Levels​

    • How to Accomplish It

      • Steps in the Process

      • Framework of a Learning Outcome

      • Classroom Learning Outcomes

      • Bloom's Taxonomy/Action Verbs

      • Non-Classroom Outcomes

      • Bloom for Non-Classroom/Operational Outcomes

      • Direct & Indirect Measures

      • Annual Assessment Report & Writing Action Plans

      • What to do with Assessment Data 

      • ILOs - How to Assess 

      • Assessment Software HOW TO 

    • Useful Tools

      • Organizational Units 

      • Assessment Calendar 

      • Assessment Resources on Campus 

      • References 

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