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Dr. Katie McGowan

Founder & Partner


I am honored to have dedicated my career to higher education, with nearly 2 decades of experience working within higher education in areas of academic, student, and institutional support. With a focus on improvement and visions of a better future, you can count on me to bring endless energy, passion, and drive to projects and groups. I possess a precision and detail orientation, an efficient use of limited resources, and an organizational awareness to get things done resourcefully and effectively. I firmly believe that partnerships and relationships are the best means to any end. With that, I bring social depth, transparency, and an informality that sets others at ease in order to build genuine and mutually rewarding relationships. I enjoy helping others set goals and staying on track; together we can transform complex problems into achievable milestones.

Get in Touch

Katie: 607-237-3094
Monica: 607-643-8131

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